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The Centre School Curriculum


The main aim of our curriculum is to enable young people to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

What is a successful learner within the context of The Centre School?

  • A successful learner will participate in all opportunities offered to them and begin to understand that learning can happen in a wide variety of contexts.
  • A successful learner will be able to transfer skills learned from one area of the curriculum to another.  They will be able to use skills gained to help them progress.
  • A successful learner will begin to understand that literacy and numeracy underpin their learning and they will take a keen interest in assessments, targets and progress.
  • A successful learner will understand that progress and targets are individual and all efforts are valued and recognised no matter how small the steps towards identified goals seem to be.
  • A successful learner will be motivated and take pride in their work.

How does our curriculum enable learners to become confident individuals?

The Centre School recognises that our students are not confident about their abilities, particularly with regard to literacy and numeracy.  We aim to:

  • Install confidence in small ways and in different areas.  We recognise areas in which a student may feel confident and encourage them to use skills gained in other areas which they find more difficult
  • Give students opportunities to learn in environments in which they do feel confident e.g. developing reading skills in the kitchen whilst cooking
  • enable students to experience opportunities to learn a wide variety of skills
  • give all students opportunities to experience some success each and every day
  • celebrate success in a wide variety of ways

Please click here to see our curriculum map:

Safeguarding Curriculum Map