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Student Wellbeing

Many students at The Centre school arrive demotivated & apathetic and in some cases disruptive & hostile.  They don’t see the point in school or in learning.  We need to re-ignite the desire to learn.  In order to do this we need to view learning in it’s widest sense, you don’t have to be behind a desk to learn.  Success breeds success- catching a fish shows you that you can learn a skill & this gives you a boost, a thrill, a belief in yourself and gradually this transfers into other aspects of learning e.g reading.  At The Centre school we believe that students need to spend time outside, even in the depths of winter, they need fresh air.



PLAY: shared enjoyment, laughter, joy, playfulness, relaxation, outdoor games and    adventure. Shared pleasure, joy, fun, play: for play’s sake; risky play (with support).




  • Health benefit- lowers stress (oxytocin) improves   attention.

  • Immune system improvement- Getting dirty!

  • Sharing achievements with others (CARE- relationships)

  • Laughter, joy (PLAY)



Promotion of Panksepp’s Pro-Social Systems in the outdoors.

  • CARE: attachment, nurture, relationship, connection, shared experience, support, food, conversation, safety-conscious activities, self-care routines (clothing and washing), animals, creatures, living things, learning skills together…